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It’s fast and responsive and a great little tool to see what your trades are doing. You can also place all types of orders, gives you a range of basic indicators and gives you access to a range of drawing tools. I personally don’t use the app to place orders simply because (1) except for ATR, none of the indicators I use in my algorithm are from the basic MT4 list of indicators. It’s worth mentioning you can link your demo and accounts to this app. If your style of trading does not exceed what MT4 offer you by default, then it’s the perfect platform!

metatrader ipad ios

In this section, you can change the interface and news language, manage sound alerts and view a report on data usage by the app. To start trading from your mobile device, download MetaTrader 5 on iTunesor from the AppStore application on your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. We offer both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as an application on the iPhone and iPad. These applications give traders easy access to their accounts wherever they are. You can get Expert Advisors when trading on desktop – they aren’t available on the mobile app, but you can still choose from a range of standard indicators.

Limited trading options #

Thus, MetaTrader 4 mobile trading system allows you to flexibly implement any trading strategy. To open the context menu, tap on the position or order line in the list. By default, only brief information about positions is shown here.

metatrader ipad ios

The powerful MetaTrader 5 iOS trading system allows you to implement trading strategies of any level of complexity. You can trade on exchanges using the netting position accounting system while you can use the hedging system for Forex trading. The MetaTrader 4 iOS trading system allows you to implement trading
strategies of any complexity.

Technical analysis

For instance, being able to do it when you’re on the chart screen instead of having to go back into the trade screen, press and hold the desired trade, click modify trade and then enter it manually. The process isn’t bad if you have one or two trades open but when you have multiple (5-10 or more) trades open with different SL’s and TP’s, it gets tedious. This is especially true Custodial Vs Non-custodial Wallet What is The Difference for those of us that scalp on the smaller time frames. It would also be nice to be able to adjust the chart without having to switch timeframes, like you can on the desktop MT4. Anyhow, that’s just my two cents, this is still a fantastic app and program all around. The Trade tab features the current state of a trade account, as well as current positions and pending orders.

metatrader ipad ios

Open the quick trading panel
and perform a deal in no time! The built-in chat allows you to
communicate with any registered user of the — the largest community of traders. Comprehensive information such as track number, open prices, volumes,
state of account of all orders and open positions, are always available
in the Terminal window. Detailed history of all trades is available
from the History window. May You Please…add More Timeframe Options, & alert & Push Notification On Iphone/ iPad App Please?

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Open a trading dialog to execute deals and to place pending orders. 9 timeframes are supported, from one minute (M1) to one day (D1). Find detailed instructions on how to work with accounts in a separate section. IC Markets Global is the trading name of Raw Trading Ltd, which is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) with Securities Dealer’s license number SD018.

metatrader ipad ios

You can change your MT4 live account password by changing the one you use to access our platform, since your login credentials for these two linked accounts are the same. Spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products, which means you’ll get full exposure to the underlying market at just a fraction of the price. When trading with leverage, any potential profits and losses are magnified to the full value of the trade, and you might even lose more than your initial deposit.

Download the free mobile MetaTrader 4 and trade Forex anywhere in the world!

A few things I wish could be better is the zoom on the charts could give a little more control, I feel like the Mt5 does a better job at this. Also if more indicators can be added to the options list, there are some I use on trading view that I wish were available on it. Other than that, it works like a charm and I’m very happy with it. Our mobile MetaTrader application uses many of the advanced features of the iPhone and iPad, such as the landscape-to-portrait view changer (a simple rotation of the device). The mobile MetaTrader application also offers one click trading, the ability to customise your layouts, and advanced charts and analysis. Use our mobile MetaTrader applications to experience unlimited flexibility without compromising execution speed or quality.

metatrader ipad ios

MT4’s flexible trading systems and advanced technical analysis capabilities creates a customisable environment to suit your unique trading needs and goals. You can view charts, get real-time quotes, review your trading history, and more. The application supports the complete set of orders and trading functions.

In this section, you can create new accounts and connect using existing ones, change passwords and so on. Open the financial news section in which you can track important global events which can affect financial quotes. After installation, run the application by tapping on your device.

  • Comprehensive information such as track number, open prices, volumes,
    state of account of all orders and open positions, are always available
    in the Terminal window.
  • 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.
  • To open the context menu, tap on the trading operation line in the list.
  • Indicators and objects are provided with customizable color schemes and can be applied on charts or added in other indicator windows.

The software was unavailable on the App Store for some time, but it’s since been reinstated, and is popular among traders who are iPhone and iPad users. To get access to the interface on your iOS device, you need to create an account with an online brokerage. With us, you can trade on the MT4 mobile app through a live account, using real funds, or a demo account that allows you to practise in a risk-free environment with virtual money. You can also download MT4 on other devices, and open a live or demo account to start trading.

How to find the best day trading platform

Also, another update suggestion i have would be the option to highlight or pin currency pairs in the quotes window. This would benefit traders who are on the move and would like quicker access to certain pairs without the hassle of having to find certain pairs amongst many. I understand that these suggestions come down to laziness but i feel these changes would benefit the majority of traders.

What Can You Trade on

Past performance is not a guarantee of or prediction of future performance. You will find all types of trading orders, 50+ technical analysis
tools, convenient chat with other traders, audio and push notifications
in your Apple device for continuous trading, wherever you are. The “Quotes” window in which you can view the real-time price information on financial instruments. The MetaTrader 5 mobile platform has a special version for iPad tablets. The large screen enables the convenient use of trading and technical analysis tools, in much the same way as in the desktop platform version. Download the MetaTrader 5 iPhone platform to trade Forex and other financial markets anywhere in the world.

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